Blog Updates

Blog Refresher!

Hey everyone! I have refreshed my blog a little bit. Not so much for the theme, but the looks part of it. You can now commission me on my blog (and pay for it too! There will be a redirect to the payment page after submitting your request), donate to support the blog as well … Continue reading Blog Refresher!

Heartbled Writing Merch Store

I just made an official merchandise store where I am selling merchandise with some designs I made. Currently I have the ‘Always Curious’ mug and tote bag circulating in my store. You can find the link to the store here.

06/02/2019 Update

Hello everyone! Just posting an update on what has been going on as far as my writing goes. Life has gotten really busy so I’ve been unable to work on writing some imagines lately…but I’ve got a couple of ideas stirring and I’ve started a couple of them. I’ve got the basic ideas down and … Continue reading 06/02/2019 Update