Original Fiction

Tales of Sheffield

Chapter 1: Old Town New Rules

The light pitter patter of the rain tumbled down the brick roof of the Sheffield bookstore known as Sheffield Read and Watch. The dark clouds surrounding the tops of the shops within the small town, the drops of the rain rolling down the gutters into the drainage systems. Time seemed to pass by slow, ticking … Continue reading Chapter 1: Old Town New Rules

Chapter 2: The Note

It was time for the gang to get back together and the first to arrive was none other than Leo Hart, the courageous follower. He had perched himself on the ledge of the concrete fountain and his left leg perpendicular to his right. He stuffed his hands into his black leather jacket to keep them … Continue reading Chapter 2: The Note

Chapter 3: A Cold Dark Place

A soft chilling wind rolled through a concrete room, sending a shiver down Lynn Carmichael’s spine. Rope rubbed against her wrists causing a slight rash to break out on her skin. Her shoulders ached from her arms being tied behind her back. She opened up her eyes only to find out that it was pitch … Continue reading Chapter 3: A Cold Dark Place

Chapter 4: Sneaking Around

“This isn’t going to work… I’m telling you.” Richard commented as he watched Leo begin to walk to the front door of the Sheffield Police Department, the SPD. “What? We aren’t going to be breaking into the place. At least not yet. We ask them if they will show us the file and if they … Continue reading Chapter 4: Sneaking Around

Chapter 5: Questions. Answered?

Hours of investigating, waiting, and just plain laying around. The Winchester brothers followed the red Chevy Impala to the same apartment complex in their black Chevy Impala. Sam and Dean had their eyes on Olivia Storm, the English teacher who had intentionally had written the blog about the ghost she had encountered. Both Impala’s parked … Continue reading Chapter 5: Questions. Answered?

Chapter 6: The Past

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and a light breeze had swayed around the playground. Two boys had played Pirates and Cowboys, a game that had been made up by the boys. It was similar to Cowboys and Indians, but with pirates instead. Leo Hart had always been the courageous cowboy and Thomas Wilker … Continue reading Chapter 6: The Past

Chapter 7: Inside the Belly of the Snake

Ophiuchus briskly walked down the hall and into his makeshift office space he had in the secure location. He opened up the door and shut it behind him. His eyes had looked around the room and saw the wooden table that he used as his desk along with the matching armchair. He made his way over to his seat slowly and sat down.

He folded his hands together as he thought about the time he had joined the Sheffield Snakes, then going up the ranks to eventually become their leader. He had inherited the name Ophiuchus or as he liked to be called by those less intelligent than him, Ophi was the name he went by. The nickname for the leader of the Sheffield Snakes had been made when it was first founded. The founders thought it appropriate to name the leader after the Greek constellation of the Snake Charmer as the group was personified as snakes and the leader be appley named.



Trigger Warning: Do not continue to read if you are uncomfortable with dark thoughts and things of that nature. This is not for the weak of heart. Duality. Duality of the mind. The on-going battle over the childlike innocence and the teenage rebellion to explore the darker recesses. The battle to win, one over the … Continue reading Duality.

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