The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 10 – What You Did

The pirate captain didn’t dare move from his spot, afraid to disturb the fae from her slumber. His eyes stayed locked on her and his fingers played absently with her hair, running his hand through her golden locks. A long absent memory rose to the surface of his mind. One that he thought escaped him. The memory took place aboard the Jolly Roger in his quarters. He was sitting on his bed, reading a book after a long day of sailing. Milah sauntered in and laid down on the bed, setting her head in his lap. He set the book down on the bed open-faced to keep his place. He played with her jet-black hair, running his fingers through it like he had been doing with Hazel in this moment. The memory was a pleasant one and his mind drifted away from that memory back onto Hazel. Something drew him to her in a deep way. Like an unspoken connection that had yet to be explored. He cared for her and wanted to protect her. No matter how many times she was kidnapped to get to him for feelings that the assailant thought was between them.