The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 8 – The Pirate and the Boy

The sun rose over the horizon, highlighting the tops of the vast forest. The smell of the morning dew just settling in the air. The sunrise was one of those sights that the fae could never tire of no matter what. To be fair there were many sights that Hazel enjoyed admiring, but the sunrise always meant a new day...a new adventure...regardless of where she was. The only thing tearing her gaze away from the sunrise was the heaviness of her eyelids threatening sleep. But she had to stay awake to protect the crew from the Lost Boys and Pan. She had to keep watch over the cave if one of them were to wander off on their own. She couldn't allow herself to sleep for a moment. Her blue eyes closed as a yawn escaped her and brought a hand to her mouth, covering it with the back of her palm. She let out a gentle sigh and brought her hand down to her lap. Her mind filled with a haze and the delicious grip of sleep was getting more and more desirable by the second. The time between her blinking got longer and her eyelids weighed heavier by the minute. Her breathing steadied into a slow smooth rhythm. The muscles in her body relaxed and the grip on her sword loosened just so. Her head drooped down to her chest and her eyes closed, falling victim to the sleep that threatened her so heavily. Four of the Lost Boys waited patiently for the moment where the fae would be at her most vulnerable...the moment when she would finally pass out.