The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 7 – The Fallen Ranks

Arrows flew through the air and Hazel quickly moved in front of Killian and Mr. Smee. Her feet slid on the sandy beach as she acted without a hint of hesitation. Her fingers hover over the grip of her sword for a few moments before the specks of fairy dust began to glow. Her eyes sharpened and she swept her hand through the air horizontally. Her sword unsheathed itself and flew in the air, following the fae's commands. The blade sliced the incoming arrows that were certain to hit the captain and the others. A smirk danced across Pan's lips as he watched the bravery shown by the fae. His head tipping just slightly in curiosity as he spoke. "Ooh, so the girl is a fae. I never would've guessed that you would have such a specimen on your crew, captain. What did you do to deserve such a magical creature on your ship?" The boy's gaze narrowed to the pirate captain as he straightened his head. "Did you save her life and take her away from the tyrants of Pixie Hollow? ...But...It does seem like you can't fight your own battles. Pity really." Killian let out a seething exhale through his nostrils as his hand gripped his sword tight and pulled it out in one swift movement. "I'll show you who can't fight his own battles, mate!" He declared with a fire in his eyes and daggers in his glare. "Onward men! Today we fight!" His legs carried him from the shores up the hill and directly towards Pan.