The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 11 – Farewell

Hazel stepped onto the sandy beach, her eyes settled on the ocean waves. A somber smile sat on her lips as her gaze drifted to the Jolly Roger. Every nerve in her body pulled her towards the ship and it killed her to know that she couldn’t leave with her captain and his crew. That she couldn’t take refuge in her crow’s nest. A lump formed in her throat and tears welled in her eyes. She quickly used her finger to wipe the tears away, hearing the familiar footsteps of Killian come from behind her. She cleared her throat before turning to him as he walked to her and stood beside her. “All the supplies are aboard the ship and stowed away. Everyone is on the ship with the exception of you, Captain.” Hazel reported. She turned back to the ship, watching as the crew went to their stations and settled into them again after so long. Killian looked down at the fae and took her hand in his, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb. He met her gaze. “This is truly…the hardest decision I have had to make…to leave Neverland while you are still bound to it. But I promise you that I will return the moment I have a way to break your bonds to this devil island… First–” “First you need to retrieve the Dark One dagger and kill your crocodile.” Hazel interrupted with a small nod, her eyes drifted to their hands. She looked up after a moment, giving him a small affirming smile. Killian sighed softly, “Aye…” He shifted his weight slightly and glanced at his ship. “I–” He caught the lump in his throat and swallowed it down.

The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 10 – What You Did

The pirate captain didn’t dare move from his spot, afraid to disturb the fae from her slumber. His eyes stayed locked on her and his fingers played absently with her hair, running his hand through her golden locks. A long absent memory rose to the surface of his mind. One that he thought escaped him. The memory took place aboard the Jolly Roger in his quarters. He was sitting on his bed, reading a book after a long day of sailing. Milah sauntered in and laid down on the bed, setting her head in his lap. He set the book down on the bed open-faced to keep his place. He played with her jet-black hair, running his fingers through it like he had been doing with Hazel in this moment. The memory was a pleasant one and his mind drifted away from that memory back onto Hazel. Something drew him to her in a deep way. Like an unspoken connection that had yet to be explored. He cared for her and wanted to protect her. No matter how many times she was kidnapped to get to him for feelings that the assailant thought was between them.

The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 9 – Dreamshade

Hazel’s blue eyes snapped open at the feeling of a stick jutting into her stomach. “Stop that!” She exclaimed, moving to take the stick away, but was pulled back by the rope binds that kept her tied to the tree. The back of her head smacked against the bark causing her to wince. Her pain caused the young Lost Boy to laugh at her expense with a hand on his stomach. “Sorry, lady, but you can’t get out of this rope.” A blond male stated. He appeared to be the eldest of the Lost Boys and their leader…second in command to Pan. His gray eyes studied the female up and down as he walked up to her. Hazel searched around for a way to get herself out of this situation.

The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 8 – The Pirate and the Boy

The sun rose over the horizon, highlighting the tops of the vast forest. The smell of the morning dew just settling in the air. The sunrise was one of those sights that the fae could never tire of no matter what. To be fair there were many sights that Hazel enjoyed admiring, but the sunrise always meant a new day...a new adventure...regardless of where she was. The only thing tearing her gaze away from the sunrise was the heaviness of her eyelids threatening sleep. But she had to stay awake to protect the crew from the Lost Boys and Pan. She had to keep watch over the cave if one of them were to wander off on their own. She couldn't allow herself to sleep for a moment. Her blue eyes closed as a yawn escaped her and brought a hand to her mouth, covering it with the back of her palm. She let out a gentle sigh and brought her hand down to her lap. Her mind filled with a haze and the delicious grip of sleep was getting more and more desirable by the second. The time between her blinking got longer and her eyelids weighed heavier by the minute. Her breathing steadied into a slow smooth rhythm. The muscles in her body relaxed and the grip on her sword loosened just so. Her head drooped down to her chest and her eyes closed, falling victim to the sleep that threatened her so heavily. Four of the Lost Boys waited patiently for the moment where the fae would be at her most vulnerable...the moment when she would finally pass out.

The Fairy and Her Captain || OUAT || Chapter 7 – The Fallen Ranks

Arrows flew through the air and Hazel quickly moved in front of Killian and Mr. Smee. Her feet slid on the sandy beach as she acted without a hint of hesitation. Her fingers hover over the grip of her sword for a few moments before the specks of fairy dust began to glow. Her eyes sharpened and she swept her hand through the air horizontally. Her sword unsheathed itself and flew in the air, following the fae's commands. The blade sliced the incoming arrows that were certain to hit the captain and the others. A smirk danced across Pan's lips as he watched the bravery shown by the fae. His head tipping just slightly in curiosity as he spoke. "Ooh, so the girl is a fae. I never would've guessed that you would have such a specimen on your crew, captain. What did you do to deserve such a magical creature on your ship?" The boy's gaze narrowed to the pirate captain as he straightened his head. "Did you save her life and take her away from the tyrants of Pixie Hollow? ...But...It does seem like you can't fight your own battles. Pity really." Killian let out a seething exhale through his nostrils as his hand gripped his sword tight and pulled it out in one swift movement. "I'll show you who can't fight his own battles, mate!" He declared with a fire in his eyes and daggers in his glare. "Onward men! Today we fight!" His legs carried him from the shores up the hill and directly towards Pan.