Can You Feel the Love Tonight? | Woodland “Woods” DeMars (Hi5 Studios)

Requested: Nope Warnings: None Word Count: 2,473 Author's Note: Again, another Woodland "Woods" DeMars imagine inspired by Disney song. This time it is 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' from the movie the Lion King. Please listen to it while reading this because it was on repeat as I was writing this. Enjoy! Safe to … Continue reading Can You Feel the Love Tonight? | Woodland “Woods” DeMars (Hi5 Studios)

I Won’t Say I’m in Love | Woodland DeMars (Hi5 Studios)

Everyone knew of your feelings for Woods. Except for the man himself. Cliche, huh? Very much so. It was frustrating and infuriating. But you didn't want to get hurt again. You were so done with guys and all the drama that had come with them. But that is what you had kept telling yourself. You had been through all of this before with every other boyfriend you had, but it had all ended in disaster. You didn't want to admit that you had feelings for the brown haired male. You just didn't. You didn't want to get hurt again and you were afraid of what would happen if you did admit them. To him. Or to anyone else who would tell him of your feelings and you feared that you would get rejected or hurt if the feelings were mutual and he lost interest. Today was shoot day for Rekt and you were asked to come stand in for Gunner since he was sick and couldn't make it in. They asked you, knowing that you would say yes. Or rather, they had Woods bring in his puppy dog eyes to ask you to stand in for Gunner and you couldn't say no to those dreamy puppy dog eyes. For reasons you relentlessly wouldn't admit that you had for the guy.


Trigger Warning: Do not continue to read if you are uncomfortable with dark thoughts and things of that nature. This is not for the weak of heart. Duality. Duality of the mind. The on-going battle over the childlike innocence and the teenage rebellion to explore the darker recesses. The battle to win, one over the … Continue reading Duality.